• Mandrill

    A monkey with a strikingly colourful face, the mandrill is one of Africa’s most interesting mammals. They thrive in the jungle environments of central Africa, and mandrill populations range from Cameroon to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While they are similar in some ways to baboons and were even classified…

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  • Goblin shark

    The Goblin shark is a weird, wild, and interesting creature that dwells deep in the depths of the world’s darkest oceans. Named for the goblin or “Tengu” in Japanese folklore, the Goblin shark certainly lives up to its name—at least in terms of its appearance. The Goblin shark is known…

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  • Great White Shark

    The Great White Shark is a large species of shark found mainly found inhabiting the temperate and tropical coastal waters worldwide. They are the largest predatory fish species in the world known to grow to lengths of 8 meters or more and weighing over 2 tones. Great White Sharks are…

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