• Surinam toad

    With its flat, flounder-like appearance, triangle-shaped head, and tiny eyes, the Surinam toad doesn’t look like most other toads. It also doesn’t give birth like one. These amphibians have long fingers that end in four star-shaped sensory lobes that inspired their other common name, the star-shaped toad. As fully aquatic species, Surinam…

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  • Golden Poison Frog

    The Golden poison frog is considered one of the most toxic animals on Earth. A single specimen measuring two inches has enough venom to kill ten grown men. The indigenous Emberá people of Colombia have used its powerful venom for centuries to tip their blowgun darts when hunting, hence the…

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  • Dyeing poison dart frog

    The Dyeing poison dart frog is a brightly-colored species of frog that makes its home in the northern regions of the Amazon rainforest. At about four to five centimeters in length, these tiny frogs pack quite a toxic punch for their size. The toxins that are secreted by their skin…

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