• Secretary bird

    These Birds of sub-Saharan Africa’s savannas, grasslands, and shrub lands stand at nearly four feet tall—and standing is often how you’ll find them, because they primarily move around on foot. They fly only when necessary, such as to reach their nest in the trees and for courtship displays. The secretary bird…

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  • Partridge

    Plump, midsize birds with curved bills, partridges live in a variety of habitats around the world, including forests, grasslands, and rocky plains. Despite what you may have heard about pear trees, the 56 partridge species are ground-dwellers, using their short, sturdy legs and strong claws to dig for food or make nests.…

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  • Shoebill

    Depending on your perspective, a shoebill either has the same goofy charm as the dodo or it looks like it might go on the attack any moment. What makes the aptly named shoebill so unique is its foot-long bill that resembles a Dutch clog. Tan with brown splotches, it's five inches wide and…

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