Reptiles – Frilled Lizard

  •  Tuesday, September 27th, 2022  Animalsforkids

    Affectionately called “Frillies,” Frilled lizards are striking reptiles with fun and intimidating sense of fashion. Their trademark frill – their most distinctive feature and the reason for their name – is only displayed when the lizard is frightened or during courtship rituals. A relatively large lizard, Frilled lizards are at home in northern Australia, and (like many of Australia’s animal inhabitants) they have evolved a few interesting and unique characteristics. Frilled lizards live in a variety of different habitats. Interestingly, the color of a Frilled lizard is largely dependent on the area where it is found. Lizards in A dry and arid region often have red, brown, or orange scales – but those that live in a damper, the more tropical climate will be gray or even green in color.