Naked mole rat

Naked Mole Rat Introduction

The naked mole rat, also known as the sand puppy is a burrowing rodent native to parts of east Africa. They are one of only two species of mammals that live eusocially. They live in communities like those of many insects. Several dozen rats live together in colonies led by one dominant rat—the queen. As in some insect species, the queen is the only naked mole rat female to breed and bear young. Worker animals dig the burrows that the whole clan inhabits, using their prominent teeth and snouts. They also gather the roots and bulbs for the colony to eat. Other rats tend to the queen. Most other types of mole rats live on their own or in small families. Though mole rats spend most of their time excavating and foraging in their burrows, they occasionally emerge to search for seeds or other plants. The naked mole rat is one of the most invincible mammals due to its resistance to cancer, its lack of pain and its long oxygen depravity. Typical individuals are 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 in) long and weigh 30 to 35 grams (1.1 to 1.2 oz). Queens are larger and may weigh well over 50 grams (1.8 oz), the largest reaching 80 grams (2.8 oz). They are well-adapted to their underground existence. Their eyes are quite small, and their visual acuity is poor. Their legs are thin and short; however, they are highly adept at moving underground and can move backward as fast as they can move forward. Their large, protruding teeth are used to dig and their lips are sealed just behind the teeth, preventing soil from filling their mouths while digging. 

Keywords to learn

Eusocial: living in a cooperative group in which usually one female and several males are reproductively active and the nonbreeding individuals care for the young or protect and provide for the group

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Key Data

  • Order:
  • Lifespan:
    17-30 years.
  • Class:
  • Scientific Name:
    Heterocephalus glaber.
  • Mass:
    Up to to 3.3 pounds.
  • Length:
    Head and body: 3 to 13 inches; tail: up to 3 inches.
  • Region found:
    East Africa.
  • Population Status:
    Least concern.
  • Current population trend:
  • Diet:
  • Sexual maturity:
    6 months.


As you have just learned, the naked mole rat is a weird, wild but absolutely amazing animal. its holds more records than years alive !!

Now that you know more about the Naked mole rat by learning the key data above, be sure also to check out the fun facts. When you are finished learning the facts, try answering the questions in the Q&A corner on the bottom right side of the page.



Download questions about the Naked mole rat here: Naked mole rat (answers are on this page)


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Naked Mole Rat Fun Facts for Kids

  • # 1. The naked mole Cant get cancer!!
  • # 2.  The naked mole rat can go over 18 minutes without oxygen and live!
  • # 3. The naked mole rat isn’t a mole or a rat. it’s actually more closely related to porcupines and guinea pigs.
  • # 4. At birth, a mole-rat pup weighs less than a penny.
  • # 5. A quarter of a mole-rat’s muscle mass is in its jaws.

Q&A Corner

# 1. What is the dominant Naked mole rat called?


# 2. What common disease is the Naked mole rat resistant to?


# 3. What is the average lifespan of the Naked mole rat?


# 4. How long can a Naked mole rat go without oxygen?


# 5. Is the Naked mole rat a mole or a rat?



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