Examples of Herbivorous Birds

  •  Thursday, November 9th, 2023  Animalsforkids

    When most people visualize birds eating, their visualization is replete with beaked animals eating insects or other small creatures. However, there is no dearth of bird species that are herbivorous surviving mostly on plant diet.

    Examples of Birds That Are Herbivorous

    Herbivorous birds are found all around the globe. They typically inhabit areas where there is abundant vegetation to eat, such as woodlands, rainforests, and tropical areas. Herbivorous birds are vital part of the ecosystem, aiding in dispersal of plant seeds and recycling of nutrients.

    Blue Macaws

    Found in Central and South America, the blue macaw is a large and colourful bird. Diet of these birds consists of mostly fruit, but apart from that they consume nuts, seeds, and other plant material too. Blue macaws reside in rainforests and other wooded areas. They are monogamous. The male and female collaborate to build a nest and take care of their young ones.

    Common Ostrich

    The common ostrich is world’s largest bird and is found in Africa. Diet of these birds include a variety of plants and plant products. Their diet includes fruits, flowers, seeds, and grasses. Common ostriches reside in open areas such as deserts and savannas. The ostrich possesses two long, strong legs that it uses to run quickly. Ostriches can attain speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. These birds possess wings, but they can’t fly. They use their wings to maintain balance when running.

    Evening Grosbeak

    The evening grosbeak is a North American bird residing in many different types of habitats and can be sighted in forests, gardens, and parks. Their diet consists mostly of seeds and fruit, but they consume some insects too. Evening grosbeaks reside near trees and other large vegetation. These birds are around nine inches long and have wingspan of about fifteen inches. Evening grosbeaks are white on the bottom and brown on the top.


    The goldfinch is a brightly-colored small sized bird that is found in Europe and North America. Their diet consists mostly of seeds, but they eat other plant materials too. Goldfinches reside in open areas such as fields and gardens.

    Goldfinches are renowned for their beautiful plumage. The males have a bright yellow coloured head and body, while the colour of females is mostly brown. Goldfinches are easily identifiable by their black coloured wings and tail, which have white patches near the tips. These birds are extremely active, and they often sing songs to converse with other goldfinches.

    Canada Geese

    Canadian geese can be easily sighted in North America, where they reside in many different types of habitats. Diet of these birds consists mostly of grasses and other plants, but they sometimes consume small insects and other creatures too. Canadian geese reside near water bodies such as rivers, ponds, and lakes.

    Canadian geese are monogamous, once they make a pair they stay together for life. The male and female collaborate to build a nest out of sticks, which are lined with grasses and other soft materials. Between two and six eggs are laid by female typically. The parents incubate the eggs for about 28 days.


    The nene is a small bird inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands. Diet of these birds comprises mostly of grasses and other plants, but they may consume small insects and other creatures too. Nenes reside in open areas such as meadows and fields.

    Nenes are the Hawaiian state bird. These birds were more or less extinct in the early 1900s, but they have made a visible comeback in recent years. Around 1000 nene birds are believed to be living on the Hawaiian Islands.