Brown bear

Brown bear Introduction

During the fall, a Brown bear eats practically around the clock, stocking up for the four to seven months when it’ll have to live off stored body fat. A Brown bear may chow down on 90 pounds of food each day. As the cold swoops in, the fattened bear waddles into a den among rocks or one it dug out among tree roots. The female Brown bear enters her den pregnant with one or sometimes two or three baby bears. The tiny bear, about the size of a chipmunk, is just strong enough to crawl into a position where it settles in to nurse. A female brown bear’s milk is very rich in fat and calories, so the cub grows quickly. By the time the adult bear wakes up in the spring, her baby is strong enough to follow her out of the den. Cubs live with their mothers for up to three years, and then they’re usually ready to face life on their own.

Keywords to learn

Chipmunk: A burrowing ground squirrel with cheek pouches and light and dark stripes running down the body, found in North America and northern Eurasia

Brown: of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil

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Key Data

  • Order:
  • Lifespan:
    25 years.
  • Class:
  • Scientific Name:
    Ursus arctos.
  • Mass:
    700 pounds.
  • Length:
    5 to 8 feet.
  • Region found:
    North America, Asia.
  • Population Status:
    Least concern.
  • Current population trend:
  • Diet:
  • Sexual maturity:
    3-7 years.


You have to be vigilant when you are in Brown bear territory. Know where you are and what to do if you encounter a Brown bear. For the most part Brown bears do not attack humans, so if you do encounter this type of Bear, move away slowly, and do not show any fear. These bears are not aggressive; however they can be if provoked. 


Now that you know more about the Brown bear by learning the key data above, be sure also to check out the fun facts. When you are finished learning the facts, try answering the questions in the Q&A corner on the bottom right side of the page.


Download questions about how the Brown bear here: Brown Bear (answers are on this page)


Teachers. For more in depth work sheets on the Brown bear. Click on Kidskonnect Worksheets


Brown bear Fun Facts for Kids

# 1. Not all Brown bears are grizzlies: Grizzly bears are a subspecies of Brown bear.

# 2. There are approximately 180,000 to 200,000 Brown bears worldwide. Most of them live in Alaska, Canada and Russia where Brown bears can still roam on vast areas of land, scarcely populated by human beings and covered in forests.

# 3. Brown bears are generally loners who will only seek a mate for short periods.

# 4. At birth, bear cubs are blind and naked

# 5. In the wild, these omnivores spend up to 16 hours per day looking for food.

Q&A Corner

# 1. How much food can the Brown bear eat each day?

# 2. Where can Brown bears be found?

# 3. What is the primary food source of the Brown bear?

# 4. What age do Brown bears live to?

# 5. What age do Brown bears sexually mature?


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