6 Animals That Are Quiet

  •  Tuesday, November 28th, 2023  Animalsforkids

    There are two main kinds of sounds animals make. Vocal and mechanical. Vocal sounds are used by animals for various reasons – displaying dominance, territory warnings, if threatened, to attract a mate, or when communicating with others. Mechanical sounds are noises that animals make while moving, eating, or fighting. Producing sounds is a noteworthy element of everyday life for the vast majority of animals.

    What animals make no vocal sound?

    Examples of quiet animals include rabbits, worms, giraffes, snakes, and jellyfish. These silent animals make negligible or no vocal sounds which means that they will not produce sounds or communicate employing their mouth. Following are some silent animals:


    Rabbits (scientific name – Oryctolagus cuniculus) or bunnies are small fascinating creatures that live all around the world, except for Antarctica. These little rodents are preferred indoor pets of many due to their loving personalities. Bunnies do have vocal cords but underdeveloped, that’s the reason why you won’t hear any sound coming from their mouth. But these cutie-pies are not completely silent.


    There are over 3,000 snake species, and they are found across the world. Most people are find their quiet nature is quite scary. Snakes lack vocal cord and hence are incapable of making sounds. They lack external ears too but possess internal ear parts. They collect sound through ground vibrations! These reptiles are capable of making some kind of noise, the most common being hiss. Pine snake is an exception and has vocal cords but it is also quiet.This snake is the only snake species that have vocal cords, but it is also a quiet animal, and it will utilize its vocal abilities rarely.


    Giraffes are fabled giants that are native to the open grasslands and woodlands of Africa. They are the tallest land animals and the largest ruminants. Giraffes seem like completely silent animals to us as the sounds they make are too low-frequency for the human ear to hear. Besides infrasonic communications, giraffes may sometimes produce hiss and grunt sounds when threatened. They use a wide range of non-verbal communication apart from vocal communication.


    Snails are shelled gastropod creatures living in a wide array of habitats. Snails are night eaters, and they favour decaying organic matter food. We are all aware of the saying “slow as a snail”, but we ought to add another metaphor – “silent as a snail”. Snails lack vocal cords, and they are completely silent animals. They would make noises only while eating or when retracting into their shelled houses.


    Another fellow on our list of silent animals is a jellyfish. Jellyfish are marine creatures famed for their umbrella-shaped appearances. We can come across them in surface waters or the deep seas in every part of the world. Jellyfish are brainless animals, which means that they lack the ability to produce any form of vocal communication. As a consequence, they are animals that are 100% quiet.


    Sharks are among the most dangerous fish species that we can come across in most water habitats, from shallow waters to the deepest ocean parts. There are about 500 different shark species, and all lack the ability of making any sound. Sharks are silent assassins of the sea. Equipped with distinct scales, sharks can swim in complete silence. This capability is one of the reasons why sharks are one of the ultimate predators in the underwater world.