20 Types of Edible Fish

  •  Thursday, September 7th, 2023  Animalsforkids

    Have you been just consuming only one kind of fish because that’s the only one you know? For you, it might be the best one most probably because you haven’t tried other options and you are just not aware of their taste. It is a distinct possibility that you didn’t even know that over 40 different kinds of edible fishes exist. You may have seen some mentioned on a restaurant’s menu but failed to take notice.

    Sticking to one option is not a bad idea at all but you might be missing out on a lot of scrumptious food and nutrition. Who likes that? Do you want to explore the wide variety of edible fish but don’t know where to begin? Rely on us. We have resorted to deep search to make a list of top edible fishes that don’t only boast of good looks but taste delicious too.

    Before diving into the deep sea to catch the fish let’s just first enhance our awareness about the types of edible fish.

    Types of Edible Fish

    There are two types of edible fish:

    White edible fish

    Blue edible fish

    White Edible Fish

    Occupying the sea bed, this type consists of a huge number of species. Low in fat content they make them easily digestible. A white fish mandatorily has a straight tail edge. This is a way to recognise white fish while making a purchase in a store.

    Blue Edible Fish

    These are fishes that keep migrating and have a high-fat content in their meat. Due to high fat content blue edible fish are very difficult to digest and can cause obesity. The blue edible fish are recognisable by an arrow-shaped tail.

    20 Types of Edible Fish

    Now let’s take a look at different edible fish you can have but might be missing out on. They are delectable and taste differently.


    Branzino also known as European sea bass is a silver-skinned tender fish. It can be caught in the native Mediterranean Sea, in the Black Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Norway to Senegal. It is known for its mild and slightly sweet taste. It is usually eaten in roasted form and is served with lemon in restaurants. Pregnant women, children under six should and or those who are planning to have a child should avoid eating it. Tuna can be an alternative.


    Just like Branzino it has a mild and sweet taste. It is a great source of protein. Pasta and salad are great accompaniment with Tilapia. Different recipes are available to cook it at home itself. Health experts advice avoidance of tilapia since it contains a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids known to cause inflammation.


    This saltwater fish and can be caught in the Pacific, New England, and the Atlantic. It is generally served without the head since many people find it undesirable. The taste varies from region to region. Pacific Cod is savory whereas Atlantic Cod is sweet and soft. It is advisable to get a fresh cod because a frozen one doesn’t taste good. Over-consumption should be avoided as mercury content can damage the brain.


    It can be caught in Southwest Pacific, the Southwest Atlantic, Southeast Atlantic, Southeast Pacific, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. They are similar in taste to Atlantic Cod. They generally have slightly sweet meat, have a soft texture and taste mild. These are inexpensive and alternate for cod.

    Sea Bream

    Edible sea breams can be caught in the eastern coastal regions of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean is the best sea bream species.  The best sea bream species is the Mediterranean, also called Golden-headed Bream. Perfect seasoning and roasting is necessary for achievement of best taste. It is very expensive due to high demand.


    It is a famed fish known across the world. They are prevalent in the streams leading to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Restaurants usually prefer the Atlantic one. It has a refreshing and mild taste to it. Taste is dependent heavily on the high-fat content of the fish. Various types of salmon like red salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon are available. Pregnant women should not consume salmon.


    They are prevalent in the temperate and tropical seas. It has a sweet taste and tastes similar to tuna. It’s advisable to buy it fresh to avoid the fishy taste of it. Grilling is the best way to cook it.  You can enjoy it with pasta or a sandwich. 305 calories is contained in 100 grams of Mackerel.


    This shallow water fish is found in southern Iceland, the Mediterranean, Western Europe and the Black Sea. It’s very meaty and slightly sweet. It tastes like Turbot. Skin is rough and tastes bitter so it’s better to avoid the skin. It is commonly served with butter and herbs. Brill is outstanding for grilling or pan-frying.

    Sea Bass

    The Chilean Sea bass is prevalent around Antarctica and in the Southern Ocean. Sea bass tastes like cod and is mild and slightly sweet. It is moist and tender. Black sea bass, rock sea bass, and striped sea bass are various types of sea bass. Expensive cooking makes it a restaurant variety.


    It can be caught in the western Atlantic Ocean that includes the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is sweet and mild in taste with a buttery texture. Cooked Yellowtail is white fleshed and tastes outstanding. Yellowtail can be effortlessly baked and cooked like tuna.


    They are prevalent in most of the oceans of the world. It is one of the most costly fish in the market and has a delicate taste to it. Raw tuna is quite mild and tender and possesses an oily texture. Tuna steaks have a meaty texture and sweet taste. It is best enjoyed with brown rice.


    They are prevalent in lakes and streams. There are various types of trout like brown trout, rainbow trout and sea trout. All of them have different flavour. Rainbow trout has a delicate texture and fish flavour. You can use pickled mango and roasted root vegetables as accompaniment with trout.


    This marine fish prevalent in the Atlantic Ocean is renowned as Gadus Pollachius. It has quite a mild, delicate taste with a very coarse texture. They taste like cod but are less costly. It is best accompanied with salad and beans.


    This saltwater fish is well-known as Merlangius Aeglefinus. The fish can be caught in the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and seas off Iceland. It has an oily and flaky texture and a mild flavor to it. You can enjoy it with crushed garlic and avocado cubes. Haddock can be quickly cooked in about 20-30 minutes.


    They are prevalent in shallow waters throughout the Mediterranean and Norwegian sea. They were earlier known as Psetta maxima. Their great flavor is one of the reasons for their expensiveness. These can be easily cooked at home.


    Part of the family Clupeidae, these are small oily fish. Mediterranean island of Sardinia is where this fish is most abundant, hence the naming. The taste of the sardines hinge heavily on how they are cooked. Tinned sardines are far less salty. They possess a rich taste and the flesh is very meaty. You can enjoy fried sardines or have them on toast. They can become part of salad as well.

    Red Mullet

    They are very popular in Mediterranean cuisine and are renowned as Mullus Bhavearbatus. It is a goatfish species. It is found across the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and has a strong taste. They are small compared to other fish though. The fish can be cooked whole or in filleted form. Avoid it from May to July. August to October is the best time to eat them.


    Yellow perch is an edible perch. Found in drainages of Arctic and Atlantic oceans and also in the Mississippi River, it’s one among the scrumptious freshwater fish in America. They possess a flaky white flesh and have a mild sweet taste. Can be deep-fried, panned, baked, and cooked with mild seasoning.


    Also known as yellow pike or yellow pickerel, Walleye is native to Canada and Northern United States. This freshwater fish has a sweet flavor and its firm texture gives your mouth a buttery feel. Grilled vegetables, pasta, potatoes, and salad are great accompaniment of walleye. This fish is low on fat.


    Catfish taste great although they don’t look particularly tempting. The farmed variety of catfish have a mild, sweet taste. They are not at all flaky and have moist flesh. Potato salad, cornbread, red beans, and rice, and macaroni and cheese are great accompaniment of catfish. It is low on calorie and high on protein.


    Now you have become aware of some of the most famous edible fish. Each of them tastes great in its distinct way if cooked well. Remember, this list is definitely not all inclusive and there are many more fish you can try.